The Ultimate Revelation Of Ultra Bonder

The Ultimate Revelation of Ultra Bonder

Ultra Bonder is formulated to increase retention by 30%, absorb fumes, create a tighter bond around the natural lash and prevent eye sensitivities.

Using the Best, so our clients get the best

The lash industry is one of the most fastest-growing industries. Products on the market are improving and becoming more popular with each passing year. 

One of the biggest products that had come to the market was Ultra Bonder. Lash artists started using Ultra Bonder with every client and noticing improvement in their client's lash retention - which we all know is a key factor when it comes to lashing! When your client's lashes last longer their appointment time will not only be shorter but you are sure to see a happy client walk in after 3 weeks - win-win for you and the client! 😍 

"....effectively increases lash retention by more than 30%.”

How does ultra Bonder Work?

Ultra Bonder pushes the humidity out of the adhesive, therefore, sealing it more effectively onto the natural lash. This process creates a stronger bond, prevent any release of vapours and effectively increases lash retention by more than 30%.  A stronger bond stops fumes from being released from the adhesive and promotes elasticity to the glue's bonding points - this will make the lashes less brittle.

What are the benefits of using ultra bonder?

Superior retention: This solution reinforces suppleness, increasing the flexibility of any eyelash glue and extending retention of lashes. 

Less irritation: Will lessen the chances of eye irritation by containing released vapours.

Easy to use: Easy and quick application, you only need a micro brush.

Versatile: The gentle formulation of Ultra Bonder is safe to use with any type of lashes and lash glue. The formula is recommended to apply to clients with sensitive eyes.

Long-lasting: Minimal amount of the product is needed - one 20ml bottle lasts up to 200 clients.

Client benefits: After using our Ultra Bonder your client can get their lashes wet, apply/wear eye makeup, go to the sauna and swim.

"Super Bonder the best invention in the lash industry due to its superior lash retention capabilities."

2019 Lash Inc Magazine

3 Week Retention - Using Ultra Bonder

Ultra Bonder | Ultimate retention Booster

ULTRA BONDER is the newest product and targets a specific need for maximising lash retention. This revolutionary solution reinforces suppleness, increasing the flexibility of any eyelash glue and extending retention of lashes by up to 30%.

  • One 20 ml bottle last 200 clients

How do you use Ultra Bonder?

Before Application 

  1. Before the application, squeeze one small drop of Ultra Bonder onto your micro brush and apply 2-3mm to the bottom of the lashes
  2. Allow the product to dry for a minute and then start lashing. You should find that lashes attach much quicker!
  3. Once finished with the application, dispense another drop of Ultra Bonder onto a micro brush. Remove excess amount to ensure it does not seep into the client's eyes
  4. Gently apply at the lash line of the lash extensions, where the adhesive was used and let your clients open their eyes.

After Application

  1. Once you have completed the application, wait 2-3 min
  2. Apply one small drop onto a micro brush
  3. Wipe along with the glue bonding points, from the front and the back (this will speed up the whole process by locking in the connection point from the lash to the natural lash). Glue bond will cure within 2 min

If you haven't started using Ultra bonder with your client's lash sets, then today is the day to start. Once you start using Ultra Bonder and see the results, you won't be able to imagine your life without it.

Ave Miilits

Senior Lash Stylist, Multiple Business Owner & Lash Educator

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