How To Build Your Lash Biz Social Media To Gain New Clients


How To Build Your Lash Biz Social Media To Gain New Clients

Master how to grow your business on Instagram

By Ave Miilits

Be Professional

Firstly, you need to show that you are passionate about your job. People are more likely to like and follow you if they see that your work is high quality. Show your clients that you can create different looks by offering a variety of lash styles and services.

This way you educate your clients, show them your expertise and demonstrate professionalism. You don’t want to miss new clients, and they will stay with you if you can offer them an array of services that result in a beautiful lash set. 

Example:  If you are a beginner lash tech and only offering classic lashes, then we suggest taking a Lash Lamination course to target those clients who might prefer a more natural look and increase your earnings. Lash Lamination clients are more likely to book in with you when they decide to get lash extensions because they would’ve had a wonderful experience during the lamination, and they are already familiar with you. 

Instagram Bio

Have you ever thought what the first thing your followers

see when they click on your profile? 

It’s the slogan under your business name. The slogan should be written in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS so your customers can see what your business is all about. It should also include your location if possible so your potential clients can easily locate you. 

Example:  Perth Lash Artist Specialised in Lash Extensions Award Winning Lash Stylist.


Once you’ve taken on board what I’ve told you to do to gain more followers and potential clients, you need to be consistent.  

The truth is when you are starting up, you have a bit more time to set up these steps. But once you are constantly busy lashing clients you will find that it takes more effort and time to maintain your Instagram account.

Luckily there are several apps that are designed to help you to maintain and plan your social media content.  

Example: Planoly, UNUM


Great Content

It’s important not to get stuck only posting lash pics. Your IG grid should include informative content to your followers.

So who is your target follower?  Typically, a female aged 18-50, who is just wanting to look beautiful with minimal effort. That client is mainly interested in seeing different lash looks, some aftercare tips and would like some information about yourself.

Don’t get stuck posting lash pics only. You don’t always have to write a long  story under your photos. But it is important that you will wrap up what your post is all about.  If you are posting a lash pic then remember to always mention what lashes look is in the photo and inform them of the reason you chose to use that style. 

Example: If your clients has light green eyes, I recommend using brown lashes to bring her eye-colour out and make her eyes pop. Thus, under the photo I would mention why I chose to use brown lashes.  

HOT TIP If you are confused what to post, I would suggest checking your course manual. Not only will you find some great ideas about what to post but you will also refresh your memory and find some beneficial tips that you might have forgotten. Everyone loves educational tips and it will make you look more professional. 


Giveaways are a great way to raise your brand awareness and visibility. You can choose to create a solo gift or include multiple businesses into your giveaway. I believe small businesses should work together so feel free to reach out to your hairdresser or nail girl to generate a bigger prize.

When creating a giveaway be upfront with the price, terms and location. Share it regularly and tell people how long the giveaway runs for. 


You should always reply to any comments left under your post. That will show that you care which adds value to your account. Just a smiley face, like or thank you is enough. If you are viewing someone else’s photos, doing the same that will not only make that person smile but will make them to click on your profile and gain a new lash lover ☺

Powerful Photos

The great news is that us woman love eyelashes, so a beautiful, clear photo is the key element that can bring you not only new followers but also new customers. However, it is critical that the photo is attractive. No one wants to see a double chin or photos of an eyeball, so when posting a client photo leave the whole/entire face on. Include things that will compliment the photo including jewellery, hair and a nice, coloured top. 

Tips for taking great photos:  

  • Clear Bright Photos
  • Minimal Editing
  • Nice Angle
  • Before & After
  • Smiling
  • Use Clip on Macro Lens


It seems like a lot to do by now, but when it comes to posting a photo #hashtags are like google. The bonus is you don’t have to pay for the advertisement, you just need to choose the right #hashtag.  Hashtags are so powerful that a person from the other side of the world can see it, which allows you to get recognition worldwide.  

HOT TIP! Create and save a few different hashtags in the notes on your phone so you don’t have to decide what hashtags to use every time you want to create a new post


I’m not sure if every stylist is the same, but I personally can’t wait to share a story of a completed lash set with my followers. I especially love sharing before and after photos, or a great lash retention photo.

An IG story will reach your followers in real time and will last for 24 hours. This allows you to share any recent updates or suggestions, as well as educate people in a casual manner.  

HOT TIP If you have a last-minute cancellation share it with your followers. You never know if there is someone needing an appointment that day and just might help you to fill any gaps. You can add a location and one #hashtag to your stories so make sure you use them! 

Story Highlights

Do you know that you can save your Instagram stories under your Highlight permanently. Clients will always scroll on your profile before booking in, so give them something extra to introduce your business.  

Highlights should include: Lashes, Aftercare, FAQS, Pricelist, Policy, Studio, Feedback and Clients. 

Ave Miilits

Senior Lash Stylist, Multiple Buisness Owner & Lash Educator

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