Everything You Need To Know About Lash Extensions And Pregnancy

Pregnant woman holding her belly

Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy and Lash Extensions

Are you prepared for the many questions your client will have for you? How will you make her comfortable during the application?

Your client walks into the lash room and tells you she is now expecting a baby

She may have many questions for you like is it safe to get lash extensions when pregnant? Or can pregnancy affect her lash extensions? Your job as a lash artist is to educate, help them know the risks and provide them with a safe and comfortable application if they choose to go ahead.

So your client is a new mum-to-be, what changes for them and you?

1. Lash Retention

Every pregnant woman will experience some sort of hair loss or growth and each experience will more than likely be different. Hormones (which change with pregnancy) can affect the lash cycle and cause dramatic hair loss. This means your client's once amazing retention could easily become the exact opposite. 

To avoid an unexpected email or message from your client complaining about their retention, it's best to educate your client on how pregnancy may affect their retention. The more they know and understand the less likely you will have any surprises.

Lash extention on natural lash that is outgrown

2. Keeping them Comfortable

Depending on how far along in the pregnancy your client may be, there will be a varying level of comfort that you will have to adhere to.

If your client is less than 20 weeks pregnant they will be more likely to be able to lay on their back compared to if your client is more than 20 weeks pregnant. If your client is more than 20 weeks they will need to lay on their side. They will more likely need assistance from pillows to help them get in a comfortable position, such as a pillow behind their back and one between the knees. Make sure you have extra pillows available to them and offer them so they are able to get comfortable during the appointment.

Here are a few great products to use during the appointment:

Butterfly Maternity​​
Butterfly Maternity​​

"Compact and flexible, the Butterfly Maternity Pillow makes it easy to turn and reposition in bed for a comfier sleep, while maintaining alignment in your hips and spine to reduce pressure and discomfort in your back. "

- Butterfly Maternity


Our Ergonomic Lash Pillow is especially designed to help lash stylists maintain correct posture when lashing. As a team of lash stylists we understand how important it is to give your client a comfortable experience. Since lash application can take hours we have designed a special tilt that holds the client’s head back on an angle that gives the stylist easy access to the lashes and avoids strain on the client’s neck.

  • Memory foam

  • Multiple pockets on both sides

  • Wide pillow with extra allocated space for the lash pallet and tools

  • Washable

3. Limiting Exposure to the Adhesive

One of the biggest concerns your client may have is regarding the adhesive that is used.

Some adhesives have formaldehyde (make sure you check your adhesive) which is a toxic gas and is best to be brought up in the appointment so that your client can make an educated decision on what’s best for their baby. Also, with the new bundle of joy

on the way, your client may be more sensitive to glues compared to when they weren’t pregnant.

Make sure you do the following:

The client has signed a waiver & you have explained the potential risks before you begin the appointment

Have an anti-allergy gel nearby

Work in a well-ventilated area

Let the client know that there is a possibility of getting an allergic reaction

Wash the lashes post-application to decrease the risk of reaction

If they are steering away from lash extensions introduce other options like lash serums

4. Frequent Breaks? You bet!

Since laying in one spot for long periods of time can be uncomfortable for your client its best to plan and expect that they will need breaks. They may need to swap sides, go to the bathroom, or even just sit up for a little bit. As we know breaks can cut into precious lashing time so if you know you have a client who is pregnant assign extra time for them to compensate for the breaks (they will thank you for it). Another way is to have your client come in more frequently so their appointments are shorter and they don’t have to lay down for too long.

As a lash artist, your priority is customer safety and comfort. This is especially true when it comes to any pregnant clients that want to book an appointment. Your mum to be will ultimately make the decision on her own but being professional and making sure your client is taken care of is your responsibility.

We hope this information helps you and of course if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team!

Love GLP Team x

Ave Miilits

Senior Lash Stylist, Multiple Business Owner & Lash Educator

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