Welcome to Glam Lash Pro

At Glam Lash Pro we love everything about lashes. That’s why we are proud to be WA’s only Lash Studio, Academy & Supply Store.

Meet Ave

With years of industry experience and being so passionate about lashes I have tested and tried nearly every lash product on the market, trying to find what truly works and gets people the look and reliability they’re seeking.
I was on a mission to offer premium quality, reliable and trustworthy products that other stylists would love and be proud to use. A beautiful, quality lash application can only be achieved using premium products. The products you use will affect your quality of work and your reputation.
My lash sets improved when I found reliable lash products. It helped me to grow as a lash stylist. I felt confident about my work and empowered enough to compete in the competitions.

Glam Lash Pro Supplies was founded to help stylists of all skill levels to grow their business and improve as a stylist, with easy to use, reliable, quality products that we’ve tested over many years and personally love.

The Lash industry is growing faster than ever, resulting in many new materials, curls and tools designed to help us create luxurious lash styles both easier and better than ever before.

Our goal is to offer premium quality lash products and tools, as well as educate you on how to use them. We want to create an amazing customer experience in which stylists and excited to receive their products from us. We will never over-promise or under-deliver, and only offer you the best products out there that we love and use to help your work quality and business grow.
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