Nanomister quickly and effectively cure (harden) the professional eyelash adhesive. the ultra fine mist of hydrogen will cure the adhesive almost immediately. the use of eyelash mister reduces any irritation or allergic reaction caused by the adhesive e during application.

How to use:

Hold the Nanomister for eyelash extensions 20-25cm from eyes and move in a sweeping motion back and forth from eye to eye for 20 seconds total.

Do not get Nanomister too close to the eyes, as it will be too much water. only the tail end of the Nanomist should touch the lash extensions.

- Nanoscale mist with the diameter only 0.3mm, penetrating into the cell quickly

- Ultrasonic transducer vibrates over 160,000 times/sec

- Suitable for all the water-based solution

- Built-in lithium-ion battery can be used over 200 times when fully charged

- Liquid storage tank capacity 7ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stephanie Marie
They were not kidding when they say fine mist!

Its portable and super easy to use.

Amy Donlan
Incredible Quality

Love my Nanomister from Glam Lash Pro, it looks great and works perfectly

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