Introducing the Half Moon Light in Sophisticated Black: The Ultimate Luminary Companion for Beauty Professionals

Elevate your beauty game with our revolutionary Half Moon Light in elegant Black, designed with the lash, brow, and all beauty professionals in mind. This isn't just another lamp; it's a versatile tool that adds a new dimension of clarity and precision to your work.


Stylish Design with an Arched Stand

Our Half Moon Light boasts a chic, sleek design that fits seamlessly into any modern salon, spa, or home setting. The elegant arching stand not only offers stability but also complements the natural beauty of its design.

Height & Brightness Adjustability

The lamp's height is easily adjustable, making it incredibly versatile and perfect for a wide range of beauty treatments. Say goodbye to awkward lighting angles—the customisable brightness ensures you get just the right amount of light, exactly where you need it.

No Shadows, No Problem

Our advanced lighting technology eliminates shadows, giving you an unobstructed view of your work. Enjoy a crystal-clear, well-lit workspace, essential for intricate tasks like lash extensions, microblading, or detailed makeup application.

Adjustable Tone: From Cool to Warm

Personalise your lighting further with our adjustable tone feature. Switch effortlessly from a cool to warm tone to best match the task at hand, enhancing client comfort and the quality of your work.

Phone Attachment Included

We understand that modern beauty professionals need their hands free for social media or instructional videos. That's why our Half Moon Light comes with a phone attachment, allowing you to easily capture your work or follow along with tutorial videos.

Flat Base for Maximum Stability

The flat base of the lamp ensures it stays put, even in busy work environments. No tipping or toppling—just reliable illumination you can count on.

Whether you're a lash expert, a brow artist, or a beauty professional offering a range of services, our Half Moon Light in Black is your perfect partner for achieving flawless results. Light up your workspace and let your artistry shine like never before

  • Working Height Adjustable 125-180cm
  • Input Power: 110V / 240 V
  • Output Power: 46W
  • Adjustment Range: 0-100%
  • Colour Temperature Range: 3200K-5600K
  • Lumen: 2500LM
  • Products Warranty: 1 year
  • Available in Black

NOTE: Due to the large weight and size our lash lights are shipped via standard post.

*Some Assembly Required

Customer Reviews

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Very nice well built

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