FIBRE TIP TWEEZER | Glam Lash Pro Australia



Our loved Fibre Tip Tweezers is designed to be very sturdy yet lightweight!

This tweezer has an incredibly precise thin tip which makes it excellent for isolation or picking up single eyelash extensions. With a light grip that relieves hand fatigue, this tweezer fits comfortably in your hand for all-day use.

  • The perfect tweezers for handmade volume, easy-fanning or premade lash-fan pick-up
  • New Fibre Tip
  • Very large sweet spot for easier fan-making 
  • Soft tension
  • Hand tested
  • Acetone friendly
  • Glossy black
  • Japanese Stainless Steel
  • Comes in an eco-friendly case 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matiesse Preston
Elite Tweezer

Amazing grip! My go to tweezer for every set!

Renee Knight
the best

unrealllll tweezers, will never buy them from anywhere else again

Ride or die tweezers!

I own approx 8 pairs of these tweezers and safe to say I’ll probably end up with more they’re so good😅 they have been amazing at helping me speed up my lash sets as I never lose a fan when picking up! The grip on them is insane! When it comes to removing outgrowns, these tweezers are perfect. When it comes to fanning, these tweezers are perfect. When it comes to promades, these tweezers are perfect! Honestly there’s nothing they can’t do!! 🤩🤩 constantly buying backups just to make sure I never am left without my most precious tools!


Love these, no struggles to find the sweet spot as pretty much the full thing is a sweet spot! Wish I had invested in new volume tweezers sooner. Also much easier for making hand made fans on shorter legnths due to the slim design! These are fabulous!

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