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Effortless, innovative beauty bundles, beautifully packaged for you or a loved one!


A complete kit with 2 selected styles to suit every occasion!

 Two selected styles of Luxury 3D Lashes 

Our top two Avella Favourite lash styles to suit every occasion. 


Cat Eye Lover? This synthetic mink lash is perfect lash style for those who love a cat eye look. Fluffy fibres will add volume on the outer corners and make it stand out. 

Day n'Nite

This fluffy doll shaped lash perfectly opens up the eyes. Wispy and fluffy fibres add medium fullness throughout the eye.

 Choice of Adhesive Eyeliner (Black or Clear)

Never before has having beautiful lashes been so easy. Simply draw, attach and BANG! Beauty in seconds with no damage to natural lashes. Convenient, super simple and available in both black and clear. Black for an elegant, dressy look that can also be used as a standard eyeliner. Clear is simple and beautiful as a natural, daytime look with the bonus of imperfect eyeliner application unnoticeable.

 Eyeliner Removal Swabs +

These are convenient, disposable liquid containing cotton buds that quickly remove makeup imperfections during or after makeup application or touch ups on the go.

 Effective & gentle eyeliner removal 

 Easy to use

 Even removes waterproof makeup with ease

 24 per packet

 Tweezers +

These tweezers were designed to make lash application easy and simple. They have a uniquely designed curved tip to give a perfect hold to the curved shape of the lashes and your eyelid. This enables you to have a professional look without any sharp edges for your comfort and safety.

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