Give your clients gorgeously full and fluffy looks with our 10D Promade fans. These fans are both soft and incredibly durable. Their size and weight are very close to the natural lash, excellent for creating an alluring look with great retention. Your clients will be so dazzled with their new lash sets. These fans are ideal for beginner to advanced lash artists that want to be able to express their creativity. They work excellently when lifted off the strip from the base, then picked up and placed on the natural lash like a classic. Our fans are dense, luxuriant, and super soft and they are comfortable for everyday wear.

Speed up your lash time with our Mega sized PROMADE fans!

Our luxurious promade lashes are handcrafted with the finest materials and provide an unbeatable curl and fluffy Volume effect. Plus, they're super easy to use - perfect for every stylist wanting to create volume sets with less time and effort without compromising on the quality.


  • 1000 fans equals roughly 6-7 full sets or 8-9 refills
  • Unbeatable value of 10c per fan
  • Heat bonded for best bonding results
  • Sharp & pointy base that will help you achieve maximum retention
  • Safe sustainable lashing weight - 8D/10D 0.05mm
  • Semi matte sheen & wide 
  • Mixed tray: 8-14mm  with 100-150 fans for each length
  • Available in C/D/M curls
  • Eco-friendly

Promade Lashes are the perfect lashes for creating beautiful, dark and full sets faster. Our lashes are flexible and easy to wrap, with a curl that won't loosen over time. With Promade Lashes, you'll get gorgeous results in no time!

Simply take out a strip from the box then place onto our Sticky Silicone Reusable Pad and you are ready for lashing. Please note that the Sticky Silicone Reusable Pad is essential for lashing with our Promade Fans.

PRO TIPS- Get creative and mix curls to achieve unique trending looks.

Mix C and M curl for a Fox Eye look. 

Mix C and D curls to open and extend the eye.

Use C curl to create a stunning Cat Eye set.

Use D curl to create a dramatic set. 

Our stylist recommended to use fast drying adhesive like Zeus with PROMADE fans. Zeus adhesive has thin consistency, fast setting time and is flexible with wide range of humidity and temperature.



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chantele M
Favourite Mega Vol Promades!

I've used both the 8D and 10D promade fans and they create the most stunning sets! i had a client of mine upgrade from Volume to Mega Vol and she is just as obsessed with the outcome!

Amy David

These are my favorite promade fans so far. The band is very soft and thin.The lashes are beautiful. Soft and fluffy.

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