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Amplify your artistry with our L collection of Easy Fanning Lashes!

These are the newest Volume lashes on the market that have innovative, self-fanning technology to fan themselves with very little effort. 

Our Fast Fanning Lash Collection has been designed to speed up your lash game. Now you can make a lash fan in seconds. Perfect for a beginner Volume stylist and great lashes for Volume, Hybrid, Wispy and Mega Volume lash sets. 

The sticky lash strip is unique with a minimal amount of glue on the base that will prevent the volume fans from separating. This allows you to create and pick up the perfect fan within seconds. Our Fast-Fanning Volume lashes are made of non-sticky Mink fibres to create fluffy volume fans with ease. We guarantee that you will love our Easy Fanning Lashes.

Our selection of L curls

L1 Curl - L Collection

Featuring a straight base and midsection but at a looser angle with a sharper transition. Combine L1 curl with B curl to create beautiful Eyeliner Effect lash set. 

L2 Curl - Effortless

Features the same straight  base with a medium sharp transition into a straight midsection + tip. The curl sits at an ~80 degree angle, giving an ultra-sharp lift. Ideal for creating a Fox Eye effect. 


L1 8-15mm (8mm-2; 9mm-2; 10mm-3; 11mm-3; 12mm-3; 13mm-2; 14mm-1)

L2 9-13mm (9mm-2; 10mm-3; 11mm-4; 12mm-4; 13mm-3)

Why you need Easy Fanning Lashes?

  • Great for beginners and advanced stylists
  • Effortlessly allows you to pick up wide lash fans
  • Stable and Beautiful Curls
  • Foil Strips. No residue. Easy to tear off
  • Improved Technology- Minimal glue with great adhesion at the base
  • Premium sticky tape allows you to pick up the lashes with ease
  • No kink, perfect even lash lengths across the strip
  • Thicker look with perfectly even lash tips

Our Fast Fanning Lash Collection has been designed to speed up your lash game. Now you can make a lash fan in seconds. Perfect for a beginner Volume stylist and great lashes for Volume, Hybrid, Wispy and Mega Volume lash sets. 

How to use: 

Create a fan by picking up a small amount of lashes and by adding a bit of pressure on your tweezers. These lashes fan like butter.

Want more fluff?

Place the lashes back on the sticky strip and move the tip of the tweezers side to side to fan them wider. Practice by picking up a small amount of lashes to  create your bundle and see how easily these lashes fan out. Practice with 1-2 rows of lashes to build up your muscle memory and then increase the number of lashes you want for your fan (i.e. 4D, 5D, 6D etc.) 

Why you should use Easy Fan Lashes rather than Pre-mades?

  • Using Easy Fan lashes will allow you to customise every lash fan to suit your clients natural lash
  • They are softer and mimic normal mink/silk handmade lashes 
  • No need to use different lash plates and pallets for the lash strips
  • Multilayered lashes which means Easy Fan Lashes are much cheaper than Pre-made or Promade lashes. 
  • With Easy Fanning volume lashes, you can easily adjust the number of lashes from 2D to 15D and the size from narrow to wide.
  • Great retention 

NOTE: Avoid using glue aid or speed up solution with the Easy-Fanning lashes as it can react with the bonding product used on the lash bases making the base to get gooey and tacky. 





    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Katy Miles
    Ready for the best cat/fox eye of your life? You NEED these L curl Easy Fan lashes!

    I've been in the lash game 2 years now, and these L Curl easy fans are the easiest easy fans i've ever worked with, especially with diamond/fibre grip tweezers!! Its so fun (and easier!!) to experiment with new styles when you have GOOD products to work with! I love that each fan is customisable for my clients lashes and theyre so easy to pick up! The strips are on a foil base too so there's no gross residue left on your lash tile when you take the strip off, revolutionary.
    These lashes work really well for me with Alpha or Luxe glues with my personal lashing speed, room temp + humidity and I feel like I don't need too much glue because of the way the lashes stick together at the bottom anyway! Slay!
    I generally use these for a russian volume style set and the fans only take me like 2 seconds to make, screw pro/premades with that speed right?! I'm obsessed

    Wendy Cooper
    East fan lashes

    Love the easy fans, one of the best I have found

    Kayla Hockin
    New easy fanning lashes

    Amazing I love them so much I am new to the industry and the easy fanning lashes have made it so much easier to make a volume set.xx

    Monique Woods
    Beautiful ✨

    These are marvellous 🙌🏽✨ I highly recommend these if you’re wanting to work on your speed or if you struggle with fans falling apart, they create beautiful lash sets

    Keneshia Prefumo

    From the very beginning of my lashing career I struggled to make fans. The technique I was taught was the bouncing method, and as you can imagine I thought I was going no where for months! I was a customer buying other products from GLP when I thought to give these lashes a go.. these lashes made me want to cry, jump with joy. Suddenly lashing was easy.. well not easy but easier!! I now up-skill girls who want to learn volume with easy fanning who had the same trouble I did and its so rewarding! I have gone through other brands of easy fanning lashes and these have been the best.

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