Are you an experienced lash stylist who's looking for adhesive that is specially made for your skill level? Our Newest Master Adhesive has extremely fast-drying 0.25-0.5 second formula that is designed for experienced and quick lashers! 

Clear lash adhesive that has it all. Quick bonding, low fumes, thin consistency, supreme retention! Our clear Master adhesive has been tested by lash experts and is trusted by many stylists.

If you've mastered the techniques of classic and volume fanning and desire a seamless lashing experience, our MASTER ADHESIVE is for you. Trusted and tested by numerous lash stylists across Australia, this product promises reliability and excellence.

Belonging to our best-selling adhesive range—including the popular Luxe and Power families—our Master Adhesive maintains the trusted formula while bringing the fastest drying time in our lineup. Say goodbye to closed lash fans; with Master Adhesive, volume fans remain fluffy, bases adhere swiftly and your clients can enjoy the longest retention ever. 

  • Appropriate temperature: +20-28°C 
  • Appropriate humidity: 40-70%
  • Setting Time: 0.25-0.5 seconds
  • Viscosity: Thin
  • Retention: 7 Weeks
  • Suitable to use for Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, Easy Fanning, Pro-made and Loose fans
  • Clear adhesive
  • 5ml 


Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, PMMA,



Too High: Glue viscosity gets low, drying time gets shorter

Too Low: Glue viscosity gets high, drying time gets longer


Too High: Drying time gets shorter

Too Low:  Drying time gets longer


  • This glue is recommended for professional use only
  • Shake vigorously for 1-2 minutes before use
  • Replace glue drop every 15-20 minutes
  • Wipe nozzle clean after every use with Adhesive Wipes
  • Store adhesive in Airtight Glue Container in a cool, dry area
  • Do not store in the fridge after opening
  • Product must be used in a well-ventilated work environment
  • Use under eye gel patches or foam tape under eyes
  • Ensure your clients eyes are completely shut
  • Be mindful that lash extension adhesive fumes may cause an allergic reaction to certain people
  • Patch test is recommended before using this product
  • Be mindful that it is possible to develop sensitivity to adhesive over time
  • Read instruction on the back of the label before use
  • Always wear mask when working closely with lash adhesive

**If lashes are popping off while working you are either not using enough glue, your temperature is too high, or you are not quick enough getting to the natural lash. This can be avoided by isolating first than dipping and placing immediately onto the natural lash

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