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Increase your business by providing clients with a faster service without skimping on quality lash sets! Our LOOSE RAPID FANS will allow you to create beautiful 5D lash sets that increase length, volume and definition to the clients eye. By having he option to create styles from soft fluffy natural sets all the way through to mega volume sets, you will be increasing your range of clientele. 

Each individual lash fan is made with the highest quality delicate faux mink fibres, that have been handcrafted to ensure each fan is lightweight, soft and has a thin pointy base for maximum retention and application.

Now providing you with single and mixed length, GLAM LASH PRO has just made customising your lash stock that much easier. Not only that, but our smaller box designs saves you on space and allows you to access each fan with convenience.

How else can you maximise use of our product? Paired with our Silicone Pad, you will find pick up and isolation easier to help work with the lash fans.


  • 100% Cruelty free.
  • Lash more sets faster with super thin bases for easier and faster application.
  • Mixed and Single lenghts available
  • Create a mega volume set in the same time as a classic set. Super sharp and pointy base
  • 100% handcrafted by proficient lash artists 
  • The fans are soft, black, and fluffy which will help you to create beautiful Volume sets easily in the same time as a Classic set.
  • 0.07mm Diameter
  • C CURL MIXED TRAY LENGTH: 8mm - 14mm
  • D CURL MIXED TRAY LENGTH: 9mm - 15mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
5D fans

In love with the quality, will 100% come back for more

Shari-Lee D
5D fans

Great quality fans, nice thin base. love them

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