Our adhesive curing solution is your secret weapon in battling issues with temperature and humidity in your lash room!

By pretreating the lash strip with Speed Up Solution temperamental adhesive is a thing of the past. There is nothing more frustrating when suddenly your adhesive starts acting like a DIVA. Speed Up Solution can help your adhesive cure fast preventing issues with wicking and slow drying adhesive.

Have an adhesive that you wish would dry a bit quicker? Speed Up Solution is your curing aid!

Directions: Apply a small amount along the bases of your lash strip. Let dry for one minute and then apply the lashes as usual.

Size: 15ml


Water, L-Arginine, Propylene Glycol, Leucine, Citric Acid, Retinyl, Palmitate, Sodium Chloride

 Safety Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Keta Lemmon

This Speed up solution is as it sounds, SPEEDY! Not only does it make my glue dry quicker it makes doing full sets that much easier too.
Would recommend this for any new lash techs wanting to experiment with a slower drying glue to see if you could enhance and advance to a quick dry in the future.

Natasha Selby

We have up and down temperature where I live atm and this helps and saves so much time especially being new to the lash fam since the start of the year . Less stress to help dry faster and helps ur fans not stick together as it days the glue quicker

Katy Miles
Couldn't live without Speed Up for my lash sets!

By just applying a small amount along my easy fan strip bases it helps my glue dry quicker and helps my fans stop closing, so amazing as I get quicker and quicker with experience!

Chantele M
Perfect Solution!

I love this product! it's helped me a few times when my humidity or temperature were a little off and i was unable to alter it. Also when the lashes wouldn't stick as quickly as i would like them too, it helped saved the day once again. Super easy to use and works a treat!

Aannikka Postlethwaite
Hero product

This product is an absolute life saver if your humidity or temp is down a little bit. Help glue cure faster avoiding stickers. Love this product

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