1 x Magnetic Lashes

1 x Magnetic liner 

+ BONUS Eyeliner removal swabs.


  • Avella only uses the highest quality Mink and Silk lashes with a range of styles so that you have the expert look you’ve always wanted in a fraction of the time and cost. 

  • Our lashes contain 6 quality magnets for maximum hold and flexibility to trim. 

  • Complete with a magnetic case for ultimate safe-keeping.

  • Simply draw the line, attach the lashes and enjoy the perfect look for any occasion with the flexibility to change your look at any time.

  • Reusable up to 25 times. 


1. Gently remove the lashes from the magnetic strip using your fingers or lash tweezers holding the tips of the magnetic lashes.

2. Trim the lashes to the desired width to suit your personal preference. Only trim to the outer edge of the next magnet.

3. Shake the Magnetic eyeliner well and apply it along the upper lash line. Wait for 2-3 minutes for the eyeliner to dry completely.

4. Starting at the inner corner, hold the magnetic lashes by their tips with either your hand or the tweezers, and carefully apply the magnetic edge of the lashes to the Magnetic Eyeliner. They will simply lock firmly into place. It’s that easy!


Apply all makeup before the magnetic eyeliner to avoid interference between the magnet-infused eyeliner and magnetic lashes.


Gently remove lashes starting from the outer corner and pull them away from the eyeliner. Place the magnetic lashes back in the box and they’ll be ready to reuse time and time again.

Avella has uniquely designed magnetic eyeliner removal cotton swabs to remove your eyeliner with ease!


  • Simply remove your magnetic lashes and place them back in the original magnetic box. 

  • Remove any glue from the lashes and the magnets after each use. 

  • Avoid mascara as it is known to damage mink and clump lashes together. 

  • Our cotton removal swabs are specifically designed to remove magnetic liner or makeup with ease. Use them to clean the magnets. Refrain from using any harsh detergents or chemicals on our products to ensure maximum longevity of your purchase.

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