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Can't find the curl, length, or thickness you're looking for? We have DISCONTINUED THESE LASHES AND REPLACED WITH - NEW EASY FANNING 

The unique sticky lash strip has minimal amount of glue on the base that will prevent the volume fans from separating at the base. This allows you to create and pick up the perfect fan within seconds. Our "Effortless" Fast-Fanning Volume Mink is made of non-sticky fibre to create fluffy volume fans with ease.

Why you need Easy Fanning Lashes?

  • Great for beginners and advanced stylist
  • Effortlessly allows topics up wide lash fans
  • Stable and Beautiful Curl
  • Foil Strips. No residues, easy to tear off
  • Improved Technology- Minimal adhesion added to the base
  • Ideal sticky tape allows to pick up lashes with ease
  • No kink, all same length lashes on the strip
  • Thicker look, even lash tips, denser roots
NOTE: Avoid using glue aid or speed up solution with the Easy-Fanning lashes as it can react with the bonding product used on the lash bases making the base to get gooey and tacky. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ebony s
loved it

its easy to apply and thicker in volume.Loved how it turned out.

Shari-Lee D

As a new lash artist, I am still getting used to making handmade fans, and the easy fanning lashes have been a game changer for me! I’ve been able to complete sets in a much quicker time frame. They fan out to perfection with seamless glue residue

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